3 Ways To Keep Children Safe During Home Renovations

Having major building work carried out in your home is tough on anyone, but it can be especially trying when you have small children. Building work creates a potentially harmful environment for your little ones, meaning you have to be even more vigilant than usual, and there are other issues too – who wants to find little dusty handprints all over their furniture?

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe and happy throughout home renovations; for instance a loft build, which can take between 6 to 12 weeks to be completed.

  1. Restrict access to the worksite

If you can, use child gates to prevent your kids reaching the worksite when you’re not around.

For example, when building a loft, workmen will often access your new attic from the outside, but there will be a point in the build where they install stairs between your new loft and your existing top floor.

During this time, keep the kids safely downstairs as much as is practical. In fact, throughout the build, it’s a good idea to keep them on the ground floor when the builders are working overhead, as builders are known to stick a foot through the ceiling on occasion! Always ensure your children understand where they’re not allowed to go and when. And don’t forget about the scaffolding outside!

  1. Beware of dust and fumes

Some parts of the build process can create a lot of dust and even for kids without asthma or allergies, it hardly needs to be said that it won’t be good for them to breathe it in. Keep the house well ventilated, and vacuum at the end of the day.

If you’re only getting your loft done, luckily you can generally keep it all contained upstairs, so it’s probably enough to confine your kids downstairs during the messiest parts of the build. The same goes for paint fumes; keep them away from freshly painted areas.

  1. Pick the right tradesmen

It’s best if you choose a project leader who has kids of their own, or can at least empathise with your needs. Communication is also really important.

Knowing when there’s going to be a lot of noise, dust or paint fumes is paramount, so that you can make adjustments to the family routine and minimise the impact on your little ones.

If there’s going to be a particularly tough period, it might be best to take the children out of the house for a while. In fact, it may be better for them to stay with friends or family.

Likewise, it’s important your builders know to clear up and stow away any dangerous tools at the end of the workday, just in case.

Is there any alternative?

If taking care of your children while the top of your house gets rebuilt for months sounds a little too daunting, there is a way to get a new loft in a fraction of the time. You can now get your loft built in a factory and delivered to your home virtually complete. This massively reduces the amount of building work carried out at your property, as installation only takes 2 weeks.

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