We always want the best for our newborn but when it comes to your baby’s sleeping area, there are so many beds and bedding options – it can be hard to know what’s best. To make your decision easier, I’ve put together a handy guide to the sleep options out there to ensure both you and your little one have a sound night’s sleep.

Moses Baskets 

Moses baskets are a great option for the first few weeks while your baby is still small. They’re very easy and convenient to move around and can be set up pretty much anywhere.

You will need to buy a mattress for your moses basket, as they aren’t usually included. Don’t forget to buy sheets that are specific to your mattress shape.

Royal Lace White Wicker Moses Basket from Izziwotnot

Premium Foam Moses Basket Mattress from John Lewis

Balloons Fitted Moses Basket Sheets from Avery Row

Cream Jersey Cotton Moses Basket Sheets from Mothercare


When it comes to choosing a crib, you can either opt for a standard design or one that attaches to the bed, so you can have your little one sleeping right next to you but in their own safe space.

Cribs can be used from birth, up to around 6 months, which is great for keeping your baby in your room and also saving space! Most cribs don’t come with sheets or a mattress so you will need to get these separately. Don’t forget sheets will be specific to the crib mattress size.

SnuzPod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib from Mothercare

Tranquillity Crib from Izziwotnot

Chicco Next2Me Dream Bedside Crib from Mothercare

Bloom Alma Papa Crib Spring Mattress from Mothercare

Crib Bedding Set White from Snuz


Cots can be used from birth right up to two years. They’re smaller than a cot bed, so you can usually fit them in your room while the baby is small then move it to their own room when they reach over six months.  You will need to buy a cot mattress and sheets specifically for the cot you choose. Fortunately, there are a some of these that can fit a cot and a cot bed.

Obaby Lily Cot – Taupe Grey from Mothercare

Quilted Mohair Mat Cot Mattress from Natrualmat

Silky Soft Cot Sheet from aden + anais

GOTS Organic Cotton Fitted Cot Sheet from John Lewis

Aden & Anais Classic Fitted Sheet for Cot from Shanael

Cot Beds

Cot beds are suitable from birth right up to the age 4 to 5, depending on the type. This makes them an excellent choice for a child’s nursery. Many can be easily transformed into a toddler bed by removing or adding a few parts.

Since these cot beds are quite close to the floor, they are good for getting your fidgety toddler used to a bed without sides – but you do also have the option to re-add the sides if your little one falls out too much.

You will need to buy a cot bed mattress and sheets that are specific to cot beds; however there are some that can fit a cot and cot bed.

Sleigh Royal Cot Bed from Boori

Home Bed from Stokke

Fitted Cotbed Sheet Lenny Lion from Panda and Ping

Cot and Cotbed Fitted Sheet Cloud Nine from Snuz


When it comes to covering your baby you can choose from swaddling, using blankets or tucking them up in a sleeping bag. You can opt for any of these options with all of the beds above. Here is a list of some lovely bedding to choose from:

Cellular blankets are great for helping to keep your baby’s temperature regular.

Swaddles are great for the first few weeks, as they make the baby feel as though they’re still sleeping in the womb. Babies tend to wake themselves from moving around so swaddling stops this movement and disruption. We recommend starting swaddling early on; if the baby becomes too accustomed to free movement, they will not feel comfortable being wrapped up. Swaddling is only recommended for the first three to four months.

Sleeping bags can be really helpful as babies do tend to move their legs about and kick off blankets. Sleeping bags also remove your fear of them being cold during the night. It allows your baby movement, but they will not be able to kick it off. Make sure if you’re using sleeping bags you adhere to the temperature guidelines on each product and don’t let your baby overheat or become too cold. It’s handy to have a room thermometer in the room where your child is sleeping.

REMEMBER: Duvets, fleece blankets and cot bumpers are not recommended for newborn babies!

Satin Edged Cellular Blanket from The White Company

Faded Grey Stripe & Tabasco Heart Organic Cotton Baby Blanket from Hope & Fortune

Classic Swaddle 4 Pack Bambi from aden + anais

Ladybird Spot Gro-Swaddle from The Gro Store

‘Little Bundle’ Organic Swaddle from Molly and Moo

Organic Muslin Swaddle from The National Theatre

Peek A Boo Grobag from The Gro Store

Blossom Paris Bird Sleeping Bag from Roses And The Stars



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