With those endless summer holidays fast approaching, managing to keep a watchful eye on curious young children can be a tricky job. In fact, an infant’s spirit of adventure can lead them into some sticky situations, with 67,000 children experiencing an accident in the kitchen every year. Many of these occur in summertime and during the school holidays.

AMDEA (The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances), who have been working hard to raise awareness of their online home safety initiative, want to also help parents guard against the easily preventable accidents that can befall young children. They have compiled a list of top safety tips to help safety proof appliances so that you can carry on with your day enjoying, rather than fearing, their inquisitive natures:

  • Keep appliance cords out of reach, especially those connected to hot items such as toasters
  • Keep pan handles turned away from the edge of the cooker
  • Move any glass containers in the fridge to the higher shelves
  • Never run a fan on the floor – a toddler’s fingers are small and can enter the grille area
  • Unplug appliances that get hot such as irons and hair straighteners immediately after use, and store out of reach and away from any flammable material
  • Keep laundry and cleaning products out of reach and sight
  • Restrict access to the kitchen area while you are cooking
  • Ensure that a hand-held vacuum cleaner which is attached to a wall-hung charger is properly fixed so it cannot fall off
  • Register your appliances at registermyappliance.org.uk and be the first to know about any safety repairs or recalls

For more important home safety advice and to register both old and new appliances visit the AMEDA Register My Appliance website.  This, like all the other advice, is all too easy to ignore but it’s actually of vital importance – especially for busy parents who are trying to do all they can to keep their families safe and happy. This simple and quick piece of administration should be on the to-do list of every parent as it is the only way of ensuring the household can be contacted swiftly if a safety repair or recall is necessary.

These straightforward but effective actions will help keep the most precious members of a home safe. Parents can then sleep easy (well try!) knowing that they are making their little one’s home a safe haven for play.


AMDEA is the UK trade association for manufacturers of large and small domestic appliances. They represent over 85% of the domestic appliance industry and nearly 90% of white goods brands. Members’ products include most of the UK’s top selling brands of major white goods, other large and small kitchen appliances, heating, water heating, floor care, waste disposal and ventilation equipment.

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