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Mother’s Day is really the only day in the year where a mama can do exactly what she wants, or at least I hope that’s the case!

A perfect day in my opinion would be snuggles and cartoons in bed with the family, then down to the kitchen for home made pancakes with lashings of maple syrup and the odd berry, then back to bed for more cartoons and to read the papers with a big mug of builder’s tea.

A long hot soak before lunch with any of the Aromatherapy Associates oils, get dressed and head out for lunch followed by a nice long walk with the children and the dogs hunting for daffodils – my favourite flowers this time of year! Then, we have an afternoon spent by the fire watching a movie with the children, most likely Mary Poppins, with lots of popcorn and old fashioned sweeties.

For dinner, it would have to be soup and an open sandwich, a quesadilla with parma hand, cheddar cheese and spring onion.

Before I forget, I found this adorable idea by Martha Stewart, The Family-Tree Photo Card. I’m definitely going to make one of these with my children for my mother – it’s a little family tree and looks very easy to make. All you need to do, is find images of the women in your family as far back as you can go and stick them down with a little handdrawn frame and their name underneath.

Happy Mama’s Day!

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