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At our Mothercare Pushchair Party event this month, we were keen to glean an insight into what our readers and favourite bloggers look for when it comes to buying a pushchair. Our roving reporter Lauren caught up with some of our favourite bloggers at the Pushchair Party and asked them which 3 features they looked for when buying a stroller, and we also ran a Twitter poll to ask our audience. Our readers favourited ease of opening / folding as their most popular feature, with the majority purchasing from a retailer such as Mothercare, with 40% spending between £200 and £500 per buggy. Check out our in-depth results below, and our video to see what the parenting world celebs had to say on the matter!

What is the most important thing you look for when buying a pushchair?

1.      Ease of opening / folding 43%
2.      Brand / cost 27%
3.      Size 25%
4.      Colour 5%

Where did you buy your first pushchair?

1.      From a retailer 75%
2.      Direct from manufacturer 12%
3.      Second hand 11%
4.      Discount store 2%

How much did you spend on your first pushchair?

1.      £200 – £500 40%
2.      Under £200 23%
3.      £500 – 800 20%
4.      £800+ 17%

What’s your favourite pushchair accessory?

1.      Rain cover / umbrella 35%
2.      Foot muff 34%
3.      Cup holder 17%
4.      Buggy board 14%

How many pushchairs have you owned?

1.      Two 34%
2.      Between three and five 30%
3.      One 23%
4.      Five + 13%

How long did you keep your first pushchair?

1.      1-2 years 40%
2.      4+ years 27%
3.      Less than a year 18%
4.      3-4 years 15%

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