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My first daughter Maddie is now almost 13 weeks old, and becoming quickly interested in Reggie and Delilah, my two black moggies. Likewise, the cats have been very intrigued by our new addition to the family, and are quite partial to sitting with her on the sofa during the day, and especially on the bed when we’re all there together, (supervised at all times, of course).

The cats are also massive fans of all the new baby stuff – I think they actually think it’s all for them! Not a day goes by when they’re trying to take a kip in the moses basket, sneak into the cot, or take an unauthorised snooze in the pram – even in the rocker! We have to keep our eyes peeled! But don’t worry, we wash everything regularly and even bought Maddie a new play gym so Reggie could keep his own Teddy Bear one!

Maddie’s journey with reflux has been a tough one, and funnily enough, the cats have chosen to endure it all with us. Instead of basking outside in the garden this summer, both of them have sat on the sofa next us with the baby for hours on end while we’re dealing with her pain and cries. They seem completely unfazed, and I think on some level they understand she’s my cub, an infant to look after.

Here are some pics of my moggies in their favourite places – which of course, when it comes to cats, are all the naughty places they really shouldn’t be!


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