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We have many readers from overseas who station themselves and their families in London and always ask the same question: “Where do I send my children to nursery and to school?” There are so many amazing nurseries in central London to choose from, and although they may be eye-wateringly expensive, here’s a rundown of the top private nursery schools in London. We’re covering the Tatler Schools Live! event in October, which is a fantastic place to start if you’re looking into private schooling.

Miss Daisy’s Nursery

Miss Daisy’s original aim was to create a village nursery school within the heart of London. She now has three nursery schools that offer a unique education experience fusing learning and learning through play. Each of her schools have excellent facilities and staff, so your child can receive the best possible education and care.


Chelsea Pre-Pre & Nursery

Chelsea Pre-Prep & Nursery offer an amazing opportunity for your children to learn across all areas of development through a variety of activities in their school day. These activities include classes from The Chelsea Ballet School, Blueberry Music School, All Sorts Drama School, and Little Kickers Sports Lessons!


Knightsbridge School

This is a great school, especially for those with older kids and want to stay until the bright age of 13, which is big deal for a school in London. They also offer the opportunity for younger ones to attend their sweet little nursery.


Telephone: 020 7590 9000


Tadpoles Nursery

With over 40 years of experience Tadpoles Nursery is one of the leading schools in the country for young children that shows a strong passion for the importance of early learning. They believe that “we do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’, and that play develops the right brain (art, creative) which is vital for the left brain (cognitive).


Strawberry Fields Nursery School in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Telephone: 020 7727 8363


Pippa Pop-ins Nursery Schools

Established in 1992 by the Gosling Family. Pippa Pop-ins now have four nursery schools in the heart of London, all providing a wonderful start to education. Children benefit from their small classes and enriching curriculum.


London Nursery Schools

LNS opened their first nursery school, Bluebell Cottage, in the Spring of 2016. LNS learning is play-based education, so children learn instinctly through exploration and enjoyment. We absolutely loved our personal tour around the nursery! Check out the video here.

London Nursery Schools

Young England Kindergarten

Young England Kindergarten prides itself on being widely recognised, not only for educational achievement, but also for developing social skills and self-confidence. The Kindergarten provides a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children are able to explore their potential, developing at a stress-free pace that is rewarding and fun.


The Minors Nursery School

The Minors Nursery School believes that a child’s first experience of “school” is crucial for laying the foundations on which they build their future education. They provide a stimulating environment where learning and fun go hand-in-hand.


Miss Delaney’s

Miss Delaney’s is a gorgeous refurbished house in a private corner of Avondale Park, supplying a tranquil space which has its own private secure gardens, designed with young children in mind. The main aim of the nursery is to provide a calm, secure, and stimulating environment in which children can develop at their own pace under the teachers guidance.


Maggie & Rose

Maggie & Rose is London’s first Family Members’ Club, created by Maggie Bolger and Rose Astor back in 2006. The two aspired to create a beautiful creative space for children, in surroundings that also appealed to grown-ups.


The Children’s House

The Children’s House’s mission is to inspire children to become creative, independent thinkers, competent communicators and to build positive relationships. In addition, they also wish for the children to care for the world around them and be happy, confident and enquiring individuals.


The Acorn

Founded by Jane Cameron, some describe the nursery as a ‘paradise for kids’ that natures your children in a loving and caring environment. The Acorn is known for being one of the most exclusive nurseries in London, so if you want to be in with a chance sign up as soon as your child is born!

W11 (no website; 020 7727 2122)

Home from Home

specialises in entertaining and encouraging children to develop and learn ‘at their own pace’ within a stimulating and caring, home environment. They’ve made a comfortable nursery in which children can feel at home within their educational surroundings. They only accept a maximum of twelve children daily because they believe that this benefits the children and encourages the same traditions and values, as they would have at home.

home from home

Redcliff School

Redcliff School and their pupils display an appetite for learning and discovery, with individuality and independent thinking actively encouraged through their values. The school will take your child right from their early years through to Prep School, in a fun and friendly environment where they will thrive and flourish.


Telephone: 020 7352 9247


Ringrose Kindergarten

A traditional English nursery school situated in the heart of Chelsea, Ringrose Kindergarten look after and educated children from 2 3/4 to 5 years. Ringrose Kindergarten is widely recognised for the thoroughness of its teaching and pride themselves on the fact that their pupils are well prepared for their next school having benefited from a varied and well-directed early education.

Telephone: 020 7352 8784


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