Our expert Alison Scott-Wright will be live on Twitter for 1 hour on Friday 6th March at 1pm to answer any questions you have about babies and sleeping.

Alison Scott-Wright, also known as the Magic Sleep Fairy and author of the Sensational Baby Sleep Plan is classed as an expert within the field of baby care, sleep and managing infant reflux. Through her many years of working with families, Alison has found a safe and positive method of helping children and babies learn to self sooth and sleep well.

To get involved on the day, all you have to do it log into Twitter on Friday 6th March at 1pm and follow the hashtag #AskTMSF (Ask The Magic Sleep Fairy) to follow the chat, review all the advice and ask questions of your own.

This live twitter chat has been arranged by Your Baby Club in association with Mybaba.com to help and support families suffering with sleep issues. Members of the team at both Your Baby Club and Mybaba.com have suffered sleep issues with their own children and wanted to use their vast social networks to help share tips and advice from the expert that helped them solve their own sleeping issues.