I do love a good brain teaser. I learnt a few of these while I was a guest on board the Disney Magic. Our server used to give them to us while we waited for our food to arrive. Some of them I got quickly, others left me stumped until we were told the answer. Then of course followed the “ohhhh I see now”.  The others I learnt as a child at school.

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These are great to do while you are waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant. They are also good for the whole family to do, not just children. Some require just crayons or something similar (matchsticks/craft sticks will do), while others need paper and pen.  I will post the answers at the end of the piece (no peeking). Best of luck to you.

Brain Teaser 1

Remove 6 crayons to make 10.

Brain Teaser 2

Use 6 crayons to make 4 triangles.

Brain Teaser 3

Move 2 crayons so that the ball is no longer in goal.

Brain Teaser 4

Move 3 crayons so that the fish is facing the other directions.

Brain Teaser 5

Remove two crayons so that you are left with 2 squares.

Brain Teaser 6

Move one crayon so that the donkey is facing the other way.

Brain Teaser 7

Move one crayon to make a square.

Brain Teaser 8

Move 2 crayons to make 3 triangles.

The next two brain teasers require a pen and pencil.

Brain Teaser 9

Add 1 line to make 9:50

Brain Teaser 10

Draw the object with out lifting your pencil off the paper or redrawing any lines.

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Brain Teaser 1 Answer

Brain Teaser 2 Answer

Brain Teasers 3 Answer

Brain Teaser 4 Answer

Brain Teaser 5 Answer

Brain Teaser 6 Answer

Brain Teaser 7 Answer

Brain Teaser 8 Answer

Brain Teaser 9 Answer

Brain Teaser 10 Answer