For those of you that have little ones with brand new scooters zipping about the place, here’s a handy list of ten different scooter accessories to pimp their ride!

1. Scootaheadz


2. Micro Scooters Safety Helmet from John Lewis


3. Maxi Micro 4-in-1 Scooter and Rucksack from John Lewis


4. Micro Bells from Micro Scooters


5. Micro Lights from Micro Scooters


6. Mini Micro T Bar Scooter Seat from John Lewis

7. Micro Scooters Scoot  ‘n’ Pull from John Lewis


8. Maxi Micro Carry Cover from Micro Scooters


9. Micro Wheel Whizzer from micro Scooters


10. Bottle Holder from Micro Scooters