Jessica’s an old Norland Nanny and well trained at looking after lots of children.  She started wonderful company Busy Bakers that organises baking parties for children for a bit of a different party.  So many kids love baking and I think it’s a great idea if done well and supervised.  I asked her to come up with some top tips to help get you started if you feel up for throwing your very own kids bake off!  I’m defiantly going to give it a whirl!

We all know how much everyone enjoys delving into some baking – and with the craze that’s taking over London, we wanted to share some of our hot tips on how you can enjoy the perfect little baking party at home with your children and their friends.  Whether it’s for a birthday, or themed to Easter or Valentine’s Day, below are the basic outlines of the organising that needs to be done prior to the day!


Tip: Write a checklist of everything you need to buy for the day!

Prior to your party

Step One:

Plan what the children are going to bake: Discuss with your child about their favourite recipes. If it’s a themed, try and factor the theme into their baking, i.e. valentine cupcakes.

Step Two:

Decide on numbers of children: Does your kitchen comfortably fit 6 -10 children around the table baking?

Step Three:

Decide on a date & time (recommended 2 hour party) and then send invites out.  You’ll then know how many children you’re looking at for the day.

Step Four:

Make sure you have ordered all ingredients for your chosen recipes.

I recommend one recipe; they make for their lunch – i.e. pizzas, then the other to take home – i.e. cupcakes or brownies. You’ll need to add some additional condiments to their tea, e.g. carrot sticks, cucumber etc.

Tip: Don’t forget party tableware!

Step Five:

A great activity to organise before they start baking, is decorating their own paper chef hats – these you can order online. The children can then wear their hats throughout the duration of the party, making them feel more involved as Chefs.

Step Six:


  • Bowls
  • Trays
  • Baking parchment paper
  • Spoons
  • Spatula
  • Cooling rack

Step Seven:

The children could bring aprons from home, or have a look online at buying fabric aprons – this way they can design and wear their own during your party.

Step Eight:

Tip: Be organised

To make life easier on the day, you want everything to hand! Take out of the draws prepped and ready to use.

Step Nine:

If you’re planning for a Birthday, then ask your child whether they would like a cake! Yes they are baking lots – but blowing out candles from ‘their own cake’ is a different story.

Step Ten:

Get some jazzy music ready and enjoy your perfect baking party!


Buy some small white labels – this way you won’t have any tears about giving out the wrong pizzas or cupcakes!

OR – if you would rather not take on the responsibility of running your own baking party, let us do it for you!

By Busy Bakers


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