Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies & Born Naughty Dr Dawn Harper is fronting a new National Day for 2018 – National Bunion Day, today 26th April. She hopes to raise awareness and remove any stigmas attached to the hereditary condition.

1. Bunions are more common than you think – at least 14 million people in the UK suffer with them. The majority of these (10 million) are women.

2. The greatest risk factor for developing bunions is genetic. If a member of your family has bunions, then you are more likely to suffer too.

3. Shoes don’t cause bunions, but tight fitting pointy shoes can make them worse.

4. Over a third of women over 30 suffer with bunions.

5. Gel pads worn over the boney prominence and available from pharmacists can help cushion the bunion and reduce the pain.

6. Once a bunion is formed, it can only be corrected by surgery.

7. You can also buy splints from the pharmacist to keep the big toe in the correct position overnight.

8. There are several different surgical treatments available. It is not just one simple operation.

9. Bunion surgery is a bigger deal than people expect. Depending on the operation, you can expect to be unable to drive for up to 6 weeks and it can take 12 weeks or more for a full recovery.

10. Up to 1 in 4 bunions can recur after surgery. The greater the angle of the bunion at the time of surgery, the greater the risk.

By Dr Dawn Harper

Credit: National Bunion Day
Photographer credit: Nicky Johnston