Sometimes brushing a child’s hair can be stressful, especially when it is tangled, which can result in a lot of tears.  Until my mid teens my hair was past my waist (until I got fed up with it and cut it all off) and I had to have my mum comb it for me.  I remember only too well how painful it can be have someone else comb your hair.  Here are just a few basic tips for you, that will hopefully eliminate those tears and make hair brushing a calm event.

  1. Invest in a good comb/brush/tangle teaser.  I use all three, but I prefer to use the comb to work on really bad knots.
  2. Get some detangler.  Childs Farm does a really good one, but I also like the L’Oreal kids one.
  3. Talk to them while you do it; ask them how they would like their hair done today.
  4. Try doing it with them sitting in front of a mirror, that way they can watch what you are doing.
  5. No matter what you decide to use to comb the hair with, ALWAYS start at the bottom and work up.  That way you aren’t trying to pull the knots at the top through the knots further down.
  6. Split the hair into smaller sections to work on.
  7. When there are knots, hold the hair above the knot and bring it closer to the head.  This will loosen the hair above the knot, so that if you do pull the hair, it won’t pull the scalp.
  8. Tease any knots out; don’t try to pull the comb straight through them.
  9. When taking out hair ties try not to pull them out but undo them the same way you put them in.
  10. Remember to comb their hair morning and night.

If your older children are brushing their own hair, I would highly recommend that you have a go as well, just to make sure that they are getting all the knots out.  I once had a charge with really thick hair and she was only managing to brush the top layers.  When I went to brush it, it took over 90 minutes to completely detangle her hair!

I try to do 100 brush strokes to my charge’s, and my own hair, both in the morning and evening.  I find that it helps remove dead hair, stimulates growth and gives the hair a really lush appearance.  It doesn’t work on all hair types though.

I understand that doing this can be time consuming, especially in the morning when you are trying to get everyone ready for school, but if you take the time to do it every day it really will help, and make doing their hair, and having their hair done a more enjoyable experience.