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10 Touch Typing Kids Games That Are Actually Super Fun

Touching type is an essential skill, one I really wish I’d been taught when I was younger. It’s highly likely they’ll use computers on a daily basis when they’re older.  The aim is to be able to type without looking at the keypad, it saves time and is much less effort. Now there are so many fantastic and actually fun games out there to teach the kids how to type quickly and efficiently. Here are our top ten typing games.

BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing

A rock ‘n’ rolling goat with a Liverpudlian accent isn’t who you ever imagined would be teaching your kids to type but Gary the goat is pretty amusing. ‘Got those tapping feet on the ground?’

Click here to play Dance Mat Typing now

Typing Swimmer, KidzType

This one lets you dive right in and choose the row of keys you’d like to practise. The swimming races make it a race against the clock, so this game is best for speed once you’ve got the basic finger positions down.

Click here to start swimming.

Ninja vs Zombie, KidzType

KidzType offer loads of different characters to help your children learn to touch type, including owls, cats and vampires. Ninja vs Zombie allows you to pick your ability level from easy, medium and hard words or top, middle or bottom typing rows.

Click here to fight off some zombies.

Typeroids Mission, KidzType

Working up through levels one to five will help children practice the basic hand and finger positions on the keyboard. Plus they’ll get to zap some aliens in the process!

Click here to start your space mission.


Great for first helping children to become familiar with where the letters sit on a keyboard, KeyboardBuilder is a fun way to kickstart the keyboard fun.

Click here to build up some keyboard basics now 

Typing Chef

Learn to type the food-related words or end up cleaning the dishes is the focus of this game. It assumes you already have the basics down and some of the words are quite challenging but it’s a fun and fantastic way to learn new words.

Get cooking here.

Nessy Fingers Touch Typing

While Nessy Fingers is a paid for typing service, it could prove a worthy investment in the long run. With different island games and trophies to collect, this game can keep the kids entertained for hours, all while mastering the art of touch typing.

Try out the free mini-game and find out more here 

Typing Club

More suited to older children and adults, Typing Club ensures you get your finger positions right and don’t fall into bad habits. Watch tutorial videos and then copy out after the lesson. Once you’ve honed your skills, join in the Ninja typing game and practise what you’ve learnt.

Start typing now

Fire Rescue Typer

Put our fires by typing the words beside the building before the fire spreads.

Will you come to the rescue?

Keyboard Climber

A great one for younger kids who need to get used to using a keyboard. If you put a stroke wrong the monkey is hit on the head with a coconut and falls off his tree, so be careful!

Become a keyboard climber here

They key is to find a typing character that your children like. Look out for a fun game that they’ll get along with and then you’ll have no trouble tempting them into typing practice.

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