Autumn is my favourite season of the year. The heat of summer is thankfully over, but it still is generally pleasant out, and the trees have already started to change. Every year I try to make sure that I do at least one Autumn inspired craft. Here are all 11 autumn crafts in one place for you to find and do with your little ones.

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Q-Tip Autumn Tree Craft

q-tip autumn tree craft

How To Make Your Own Autumnal Tree

Use leaves to make autumn tree pictures.

3D Autumn Tree Craft

Celebrate the beginning of fall with this 3D Autumn Tree craft for children.

Autumn Leaf Sun Catchers

autumn leaf sun catchers

How To Make Autumn Play Dough

Autumn / Fall spice scented play dough.

Painting Autumn Leaves

Autumn art project for kids - painting leaves

Autumn Leaf Printing

Leaf printing activity for toddlers and preschoolers

Magical Leaf Rubbing Busy Bag

leaf rubbing busy bag

How To Make An Autumn Animal Seed Collage

Autumn and animal seed collage crafts. Great crafts for kids, teens and adults for Autumn

Leaf Chromatography Science Experiment

Leaf Chromatography. Why do leaves change colour? This simple STEM activity shows you what colours make up a leaf.

Creating An Autumn Sensory Tray

Autumn sensory tray filled with leaves and conkers for babies and toddlers to explore.


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