I normally try to get my children to have tea before they go out trick or treating and it’s alway hard not to give in and opt for the sugary option. This year I’ve pulled together some of my old favourites and some fun, new ideas to try:

  • Get the juicer out and do shots of apple and beetroot juice for blood, Green leafy vegetables and green apples for Squashed Toads and carrot and apple or orange for Pumpkin Juice. Another good drink to try is fizzy water with a bit of cranberry juice. Chop up loads of fruit and throw in some blueberries to look like eyeballs



  • Make Jelly Worms by making up coloured jelly, pouring it in to a closely held bunch of straws that you pop in the fridge before squeezing them out on a plate


  • Create mini pumpkins with a pile of clementines and a felt tip pen, this is great fun for the children too, or peel some clementines and put a little piece of celery in the hole to make your own edible pumpkins


  • My friends at Hats and Bells taught me to make these awesome Mummy Saussages. Couldn’t be easier, wrap sausages in rolled out strips of pastry and pop them int he oven. Put eyes and mouth in with ketchup


  • I found this brilliant scull crudite on Pintrest and will definitely be giving it a go with Gruesome Guacamole


  • I love the idea of Ghostly Bananas covered with desiccated coconut and finished with two tiny chocolate drops and a raisin


  • Make spooky looking jelly for pudding with a Halloween twist by making it in empty hollowed out orange halves. Make sure you set them sitting in a glass so they keep shape. Finish off with a bit of red food colouring



  • You couldn’t get much healthier than apple bobbing and it always goes down well with pudding


  • Making Veiny Eggs eggs isn’t easy but is great fun. Hard boil eggs and then roll them on a hard surface before dabbing food colouring all over them. Then peel them when they’re dry. The effect is great


  • Twig brooms sticks are a bit on the fiddly side but can look great as a feature. Wrap Twiglets around the top of a bread stick and fasten with a chive


  • Ugly eyeball canapés always go down well. Peel your carrots before chopping them in to one inch chunks. Smear a bit of hummus over each one and top with anything you have in the fridge from olives to grapes an blackberries


We hope you have a Happy Healthy start to Halloween this year!