These are all the things I learned from watching an ITV documentary called The Secret Life of Babies.

  • We have more bones in our body at birth than an adult does
  • You’re not born with knee caps
  • Babies laugh 300 times a day
  • Babies can’t produce tears for the first few months
  • A baby will have crawled 70 miles by their second birthday
  • On arrival a baby’s blood stream re-routes from the placenta to the lungs closing a hole in the heart. This change would need open heart surgery in an adult
  • Babies have a natural ability to swim with a reflex that allows water to go into their stomach rather than their lungs (never try this without a professional swimming teacher)
  • Adults can only identify the 45 sounds that make up our mother tongue, but at 6 months, babies can hear the difference between 150 sounds that make up every language in the world.
  • Babies are born prepared to learn and speak any language
  • Babies watch our mouths when learning new words
  • Scientists think that baby babble might not just be random noises to them
  • Babies can understand 3 x more words than they can say
  • In the first 2 years of our lives we learn to think, walk, feel, talk and start relating to the world around us

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