National Craft Day is on 14th March so here is a round up 15 past crafts to inspire you to get creative with the kids.

The Last Petal Falls


Blossom Branch

Pac Man Shaving Foam Painting


Butterfly Chromatography 


6 Little Ducks Paper Plate


Watercolour and Salt Painting

Cardboard Box Airplane

Nanny Anita's Cardboard Plane

Nanny Anita’s Cardboard Plane

Mickey Mouse Puppets

Junk Model Dragons

St George's Day Craft

St George’s Day Craft


St George's Day Crafts

St George’s Day Crafts

Tissue Paper Painting

Retro Coloured Sand Bottles

Treasure Maps

Native American Headdresses 

Koi Fish Printing

Koi Fish Printing

Koi Fish Printing