Parenting / 5 July, 2018 / Ellie Thompson

15 Must-Have Safety Products, Gadgets & Gizmos for Parents with Toddlers

Who says baby proofing has to be clunky? It’s definitely the opinion I had before I came across Fred Safety’s range of innovative products to safe guard children in the home. Fred’s uncompromising approach to child safety is as reassuring as it gets, all of their products are made from reliable, high performing materials, while aesthetically, their products are modern and attractive.

Experts in safety

Fred Safety is a father and son team of Danish designers with sixty years of experience in home safety.┬áThe team at Fred Safety founded the Global Alliance for Child Safety (GACS) – a voluntary organisation dedicated to educating and developing the ultimate in child safety products. They believe that all their GACS approved products will not:

  • Create an additional hazard in the home as a result of its installation e.g. corner protectors that become a choking hazard if detached from the table top
  • Introduce new finger, hip or head entrapment’s into the home for the age of the child that the product is trying to protect
  • Be manufactured from materials that cannot withstand the forces likely to be applied e.g. drawer locks that snap, stove guards that shatter to generate sharp shards of plastic
  • Have an on/off function that parents may forget to re-engage
  • Be so difficult to fit that they are rarely installed correctly – if at all
  • Be attractive to the child such that they will want to play with them

Clear View Stair Gate – pressure fit

Clear View Stair Gate -screw fit

Wooden Stair Gate – screw fit

Wooden Stair Gate, pressure fit

Adhesive Multi-Purpose Block

Invisible Magnet Lock

Adhesive Double Door Block

Plug Socket Covers

Adhesive Corner Protectors

Adhesive Top Drawer Catch

Adhesive Fridge/Freezer Latch

Stove and Hob Guard

Door Slam Stopper

Anti-Skid Tape

Furniture Anti-Tip Tape

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