Kitting out a nursery for the first time is a very special task, and if you’re looking for the luxurious, then look no further. If you’re looking to splash out on your little one’s nursery, we’ve got some serious suggestions for you.

Aylesbury Cot Bed, TeddyOne

Chesterton Cotbeds, TeddyOne

Dragons Cot Bed, Dragons of Wall Street

Home Bed, Stokke

Sleigh Royale Cot Bed, Boori

“Retro Rio” by Childhome, Bobo Kids

Paris Upholstered Cot Bed, Custard and Crumble

Harmony Cot, Blue Almonds

Nestor Sleigh Cot, Bambizi

Windsor Cot Bed, Bambizi

French White Upholstered Buttoned Cot Bed, La Maison Chic

Cottage Four-Poster Cot Bed, The Baby Cot Shop

Mayfair Iron Cot, The Baby Cot Shop

Sebra Expanding Sebra Cot Bed, Nubie

Martha Curved Cot Bed, Little Lucy Willow

Marie Chantal Silver Cross Cot Bed

Angelina Convertible Crib – Pearl Finish, Dolce Babi