Do you need a happiness boost?

Occasionally – sometimes for no particular reason – we all feel low or depressed. Telling myself to ‘snap-out-of-it’ never worked for me, so I devised this formula for cheering myself up. It only takes a few minutes…. it’s free… and it works!

Try it yourself. Get a pad and pencil and make a list of things which make you feel happy and bring a smile to your face. Everyone’s list is unique. Just write your thoughts down, in no particular order, as they occur to you. It can be as long as you like and you can pull it out and look at it whenever you need to.

As a child, my dearest Aunt Christine used to say, ‘Count Your Blessings.’ Now in my sixties, I remember her words and do just that!

Here are 21 things on my own list, to give you some ideas:

  1. Waking up to sunshine coming through the windows.
  2. One of my grandchildren slipping a hand into mine.
  3. Finding something I’ve really wanted… in a sale… and in my size.
  4. Watching swallows flying.
  5. Music – particularly an old song, which brings back good memories.
  6. The scent of Lavender.
  7. Seeing my husband unexpectedly.
  8. A beautiful sunset.
  9. People saying they enjoyed reading my first novel ‘A Strange Way to Die’ (and that they’re looking forward to the sequel!).
  10. Organising photos and looking through old albums.
  11. A new book by a favourite author.
  12. Receiving flowers unexpectedly.
  13. Picking and eating my own fruit and vegetables – especially the 1st of the season.
  14. An old friend ringing up for a chat.
  15. Looking in a mirror, wearing a new outfit, at the end of a diet.
  16. A gleaming row of jars of homemade jam.
  17. Looking up at a clear, starry sky (seeing a shooting star is a real bonus.)
  18. The feel of linen next to my skin.
  19. Hearing a good joke or seeing a funny cartoon.
  20. Seeing the first Snowdrop of the year… or Rose/Daffodil/Violet/Tulip/ Cherry Blossom, or…….
  21. Being welcomed by my dogs when I get home.

By Rosamond Pearl, novelist and author of A Strange Way to Die