I’m a massive fan of Buzzfeed and I always smile when I get their daily newsletter. I never knew what a parenting hack was or any “hack” for that matter until I started following Buzzfeed. But when I realised what a parenting hack was – especially a parenting hack to make my life easier – I was all ears. Buzzfeed did this wonderful post with 100 parenting hacks a few weeks ago and, although I was obsessed with every single one, I thought I’d pick my favourite 22: from washing lego in the dishwasher to straightening dolls hair using fabric conditioner, this is a pretty awesome post and I hope you enjoy it!

Store ice cream in ziplock bag to keep it soft

Use clothes softener to get rid of knotty doll hair

Use a magnet strip for toy cars

Draw on boiled eggs to make them more appealing

Keep night time monsters at bay with this water spray

Use Pound shop caddies for snack boxes

Have a go at home reflexology but remember to be very gentle with your touch

Left and right shoe stickers – cut a sticker in half

Use a lint roller to pick up spills

Wash toys in the dishwasher

Make healthy snacking more fun with an ice tray

Stop spills with this clever Press ‘n Seal

Use a swimming pool noodle as a cot side when on holiday

Great use for an old box – just remember to keep the lid off!

Pick up spills by wrapping tape the wrong way around your hand

Pierce the lid of a yoghurt pot with a spoon and pop in the freezer for very quick ice lollies

Sort LEGO with shoe storage bags

Keep track of medicine intake

Tie the beaker to the car seat

Use water and a paintbrush to paint the card fence for hours of fun

Use your hairband to stop little ones getting into cupboards

Freeze dummies in ice cube trays with something yummy to soothe teething

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I am the mother of three young children and whilst I'm not professing to be an expert on motherhood or babies, everyday is part of the learning-curve and this blog will share what has worked for me in the stages I've hit so far.

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