We have news of so many delicious new products for kids. We’re loving the brilliant new frozen baby cubes from LICKALIX and Sainsbury’s new Little One’s range. The food delivery service Wild Child Kitchen dedicated to proving healthy food for children 1+ is definitely one to check out if you’re London based. Bon appètit!

Baby Cubes in various flavours, LICKALIX

Brand New Pots, Piccolo

Chocolate Almond Milk, Plenish Cleanse

Piccolo Mango and Coconut Multigrain Squares from Sainsburys

My Little Sous Chef Cookbook

Corn Puffs, Ocado

Mini Biscuits, Heavenly Kids

Fruit Juice Drinks, Crafted Drinks

Little Ones Collection, Sainsburys

Berry Berry Good Juice Drink, Honest Kids

New Fruity Bites, Little Dish

Macaroni Cheese, Little Dish

Cooking Sauces, Little Dish

New Baby Rice Cakes, Little Dish

Organic Brown Rice Chips, Clearspring

AQUA Carpatica

Karma Bites

Merry Tiger Tea with Pear, Mango & Raspberry, Small and Wild

Wild Child Kitchen

Children’s Lunch Pack, Beeswax Wraps

Water Purifiers Filters Dispensers, Zerowater

Sugar-Free Confectionary Range, Diablo

Superfruit Packs, Sambazon

Bio Kitchen Organic / Demeter Baked Beans, Clearspring

Coconut Low Fat Bio Yogurt, Lancashire Farm

Bepps Snacks

Skinny Coffee Range, The Skinny Cafe