Basic Magic Tricks for Kids

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3 Basic Magic Tricks For Kids

This year for EC’s birthday he did a magic workshop. He has been into learning magic tricks for the last few years. My knowledge of tricks is rather limited. When I worked for Disney Cruise Line I did have to go a “magic show” for children aged 3-10 and 11-14. I was pretty useless at it, especially for the older lot. But I did learn a few basic magic tricks for kids that are easy for them to learn. In the run up to EC’s birthday I thought I would teach them to EC and YC.

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For these magic tricks for kids you will need:

Trick 1 – Disappearing Coin

  • Clear glass
  • Coloured paper
  • Coin
  • Glue

basic magic tricks for kids

To set up the trick draw around the top of glass, cut it out, and then stick it to the circle to the top of the circle.

Place a coin and the glass on a piece of paper (the same colour as the one that you have stuck onto the glass).

basic magic tricks for kids

To make the coin disappear, lift the glass slightly off the paper and place it over the coin. The trick here is to make sure that a) you have your hands placed around the top of the glass as you move it and b) don’t lift it too high as you move it.

Trick 2 – Multiplying Money

  • 2 paper plates
  • 3 coins (of the same denomination)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 squares of paper

basic magic tricks for kids

On the underside of each plate tape the squares of paper so that they make 2 little pouches to hide a coin in.

To do the trick, place 1 coin in each pouch and have 1 on the plate.

Pick up both plates, and make sure that the pouches are facing each other. Hold one plate slightly over the other and gentle flick your wrist so that the coin on the plate and the one in the pouch move to the new plate. Then repeat the action with the other plate back onto the plate you started with.

basic magic tricks for kids

Trick 3 – Disappearing and reappearing toothpick

  • Toothpick
  • Tape
  • Scissors

You might need to trim down the toothpick to fit the size your little ones thumb.

basic magic tricks for kids

Bend over your thumb and tape the toothpick so that with the thumb bent the toothpick sticks straight up.

basic magic tricks for kids

Now close your fingers around your thumb (your thumb should be on the inside of your fist with the toothpick sticking up).

basic magic tricks for kids

When you’ve said the magic words straighten all your fingers, and hey presto the toothpick has disappeared. To make it reappear just close your fist again. Obviously don’t show the audience the back of your hand, they should only be looking at the palm of it.

The biggest part of doing a magic trick is the performance. If you can put on a performance, then even a terrible magician (like myself) can make a simple trip look good.

If you enjoyed learning these basic magic tricks for kids then be sure to check out my DIY table football and binary bracelets.

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