3 Easy Ways To Take Your Vitamins

Features / 6 October, 2017 / Joanna Preston

How to Take Your Vitamins – 3 Easy Ideas

My dear friend Joanna is such an inspiration to me when it comes to cooking. I had lunch with her last week and she rustled up homemade pizza with fresh basil in no time at all whilst I sat at her kitchen table chatting. She’s very kindly been testing out our multivitamin and multibiotic powder for the past month or so and has come up with some really easy and fun ways to incorporate the powder into your daily routine. I hope you enjoy. 

Cunning ways of how to get your children to take their vitamins!

The new ‘Zita West and MYBABA’ multivitamin and multibiotic powder does not need much encouragement to be taken. It’s fair to say the ‘pink’ one laps it up, dampened finger and all as if she is eating a sherbert dipper,  alas the ‘blue’ one is a little more cautious. I’ve taken to sneaking it into breakfast in a couple of easy, hassle free ways. To be fair it tastes pretty good but it does have that rather ‘vitamin’ smell about it, yet once disguised you would never know it was there! Magic ! The key thing to remember is that it loses its’ amazing properties when it’s added to hot food, so sliding it in the porridge is a no no. Hence I have come up with 3 enticing recipes that can be incorporated into breakfast with little hassle and no fuss but with fabulous results!


1. Yogurt, fruit and granola pots with 2 grams of vitamin powder sprinkled on top.

The pink and blue have taken a liking to rhubarb so a little of this pink delight goes in the bottom, granola and then natural organic yogurt topped with a vitamin sprinkle. Anything  can substitute the rhubarb, chopped berries, fruit puree or you can leave it out altogether. Basically it’s all in the presentation, my 2 find it hard to resist these pretty little breakfast pots, cleverly layered up with the addition of 2grams of vitamins.


2. Berry smoothie

This makes one child size cup of smoothie – 150ml of almond milk (or normal milk), 2 organic strawberries, 5 organic raspberries and 2 grams vitamin powder. Whizz the whole lot up and hey presto a delicious smoothie. If the fruit isn’t sweet enough add a little honey or maple syrup.


3. Fruit skewer dippers with vitamin sherbert!

This is as simple as it sounds but certainly helps the medicine go down! Make a few fruit skewers and drizzle very lightly with honey, measure out your vitamin powder and dip your skewers in the powder.



Written by the wonderful Joanna Preston of Larder Saga. Check it out for other scrumptious ideas! To buy My Baba & Zita West’s multivitamin and multibiotic powder, head over to our shop here

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