Valentines is only a month away and I like to start thinking about it early so I can get something a bit more fun than a box of chocolates! Here are my top 3 ideas for original, fun presents to make your loved one smile this St Valentine’s:

Framed Personalised Word Search Mini Print by Clive Sefton

Why not get a special date or saying hidden within this gorgeous print? Each one is created by hand, embossed and signed. It comes in a lovely little box and is a truly special and thoughtful present for your partner, husband, wife or child. The designer is happy to go even further and make it even more bespoke with personal colours and shapes but I think for Valentine’s Day the red heart’s just the ticket!




Philippa Herbert Personalised Silver Cufflinks

Philippa made my husband a disk for his chain with my print on one side and my son’s on the other when my son was just a few weeks old and it’s one of his most treasured possessions. If your husband doesn’t wear a necklace I think having cufflinks with the same thing is beautiful and very original. You could even just have your print on them. It’s very easy to do and lasts forever.


David Crofts ‘The Balloon Artist’

David is my favourite balloon maker and I think the idea of having heart balloons made is such fun. I’ve asked him to do me a gigantic one before and I think this would be the most brilliant present for Valentine’s day!