Earlier this year YC came home from school and showed me how to make a 3D hand using lines.  That activity inspired me to make 3D Christmas tree cards.  This craft is better suited to slightly older children, but little ones can get involved too.

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To make your own 3D Christmas tree cards you will need:

  • Blank cards
  • Ruler
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Watercolours (optional)
  • Sequins (optional)

We used 9x9cm square cards for this.

To start with I found the centre of the card and drew on a Christmas tree.

3D christmas tree cards

Then on each side of the card I marked off ever .5cm.  Using a pen I then drew from one side to the other.  Take care not to draw your line through the middle of the Christmas tree.  I did experiment with also doing some cards with 1cm gap between each line, but I preferred the ones that had a.5cm gap.

Next connect each line on either side of the tree with a slightly curved line.

3D christmas tree cards

When that is all done you can colour in your tree and add a few sequins if you like.  If you want to use watercolours on the tree, then do that first before you start to draw your lines or you will end up smudging your pen.

3D christmas tree cards

I am all about making things slightly easier.  If I can take a short cut, I will.  With these 3D Christmas tree cards, I decided to make one and then use it as a template for all the others.  I made sure my tree was in the middle of the card, got all the lines in place.  Then cut out the tree and used it as a stencil.

3D christmas tree cards

I also marked out the lines on all the other cards.  Little things like this mean that that children are more likely to complete the craft.

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3D christmas tree cards