Something incredibly cool just landed on my desk this morning, and that is the Mavros’ family safari. I’ll never forget the very first safari I went, it was a holiday to remember. The Mavros’s look like they do it better than anyone, with such brilliant access to the safari world with every animal you can imagine, from a baby pangolin to the cheetahs and the rhinoceros, this looks like such a dreamy holiday. With my two children now five and six years old, I think it’s about time we embarked on such an adventure. Don’t forget to check out this awesome new website.

Be brave, leave the devices at home and come on a kid-happy Mavros Safari!


1. Arm kids with their own bush pack to get them involved – with binoculars, an animal checklist and a flashlight, so they’ll be ready for action.


2. Diversify your trip to get out the car and give kids the opportunity to climb, run and play. Discover ancient bushmen paintings and learn about all animals.


3. For worry free travel – South Africa has some great big game safari destinations that are malaria free with lodges that love kids.


4. Have the kids shop for schools supplies at home and visit a local school in Africa where they can deliver them personally. Significant and impactful for the kids and parents.



Buckle up and come and explore the beating heart of Africa…