We’re really excited at My Baba HQ to be joining forces with Netflix as a media partner. Netflix is such a genius service, that so many parents now rely on. Something I’m pretty behind on is streaming. Until this morning I didn’t really understand it, and i know it’s the way forward. On demand, series and movies at your fingertips to watch as and when you want with no adverts! So, long story short, I asked our pals at Netflix to give us a few pointers and explain what it’s all about and how you do it. 

What is streaming?

Streaming is when you watch video content over the internet. When you stream shows and films on Netflix it is both safe and legal. You are watching the content there and then, via an internet connection – rather than downloading it and saving it for later.

Basically it means, as long as you have an internet connection and a digital device, you can watch your favourite TV show or listen to music at any time you want, pause it when you want and resume it when you want

How do you stream to your TV? (explain Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecasts etc)

When we say a digital device this doesn’t just mean watching via your Laptop or iPad. You can also stream your programme onto your TV by using something like an Apple TV, a Chromecast or a Firestick. For example with a Chromecast all you do is plug the USB cable into the back of your TV, set up an account that links to your phone, laptop or iPad and then anything you see on your phone screen will be mirrored onto your TV screen. This doesn’t mean you have to stop using your phone either!

If you have a set top box like Virgin, Talk Talk or  BT (full list available here) you will also find apps such as Netflix and Now TV which you can log into and watch straight away as if it’s simply another channel on your list. If you’re lucky enough to have a Smart TV you will have streaming apps available on your smart homepage or if you’re extra special you will have a red Neflix button on your remote.

The Best exclusive TV shows and Films available any time you want (Netflix Originals such as House Of Cards and the upcoming The Crown are only available on Netflix – obviously worth referencing some Amazon shows as well. Highlighting the fact you can decide when you watch it rather than at a scheduled time)

Video on Demand services (ie. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV) also have a lot of programmes, documentaries and films that are not available anywhere else. You can watch these whenever you want rather than at a scheduled time and with all episodes released at the same time – you don’t have to wait until next week for your next instalment.

So if you can’t wait for the next episode of Luther you can keep on watching to your heart’s content!

On Netflix you have Original content such as House of Cards and Grace and Frankie as well as The Crown coming later this year. The Crown tells the story of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her relationship with the Prime Ministers who shaped Britain’s post-war destiny. The cast includes Claire Foy (BBC2’s Wolf Hall) as Queen Elizabeth II, Matt Smith (Dr. Who) as Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, and John Lithgow (Third Rock from the Sun) as Sir Winston Churchill.

Old favourites (lot’s of BBC shows like Sherlock, Luther and Call The Midwife, as well as American shows like The Good Wife, Big Bang Theory and How To Get Away With Murder – all in one place)

You might also be interested to hear that you can catch up on your favourite BBC shows like Sherlock, Luther and Call The Midwife; old classics such as Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers, as well as American shows like The Good Wife, Big Bang Theory and How To Get Away With Murder – all in one place and available to watch whenever you want.

Safety and great for Kids (Netflix doesn’t share data and there are no adverts)

There are no adverts o Netflix. Therefore Netflix won’t share your data with third parties because it doesn’t need to sell the ad space.

This means your kids won’t get targeted with annoying adverts.

There’s also a whole section dedicated to KIDS and you can also apply parental guidance settings to your account to ensure the little ones won’t be clicking on anything they shouldn’t.

Netflix can actually save you time.

We’re busier than ever. There’s more shows on your list to catch up on now than ever before. Did you know that if you were to watch one season of Homeland on Netflix you’re saving approx. 2.5 hours of your time because there are no adverts. (Using S3 and S4 of Homeland as examples).

Then with those saved 2.5 hours you could watch even more of your favourite shows like x3 episodes of Call The Midwife, the first two episodes of Making A Murderer, or even the whole film of 90s classic Ghost.