Our wonderful blogger Joanna from Childs Farm  know her stuff when it comes to allergies, and we asked her to share her top five tips to help deal with hayfever this time of year. They’re all natural remedies and I’m up for trying all five.

As pollen is beginning to fly, these last minute tips could help with the summer snivels:


Eating a spoonful of local honey every day can desensitise your body to other pollens. If you do this throughout the course of the year, you could reduce your hay fever symptoms significantly. Local honey will contain your local pollen, thus helping your resistance.


Red peppers contain capsaicin, which can help reduce nasal congestion. Chop a raw pepper into strips for dipping in hummous, or include in your normal mince recipe. Try to include daily for maximum benefit.


A daily dose of Vitamin C can help hayfever as it is a natural anti histamine. Try satsumas or oranges, or take a high quality supplement suitable for little ones.


Garlic and onions are a great source of quercetin, another natural antihistamine.

Try to include some in a meal every day; mild raw onions could hide in a salad. My girls have LOVED pickled garlic since they were weaned – the best we have found come from Daylesford: they taste like little sweeties


Try lining the inside of the nostrils with Vaseline in the morning before going out. This will capture a lot of the pollen as it is inhaled.

By Joanna Jensen, Childs Farm