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5 Reasons Bathtime Play Is Important For Little Ones

The importance of bathtime play cannot be underestimated, it’s about so much more than getting your baby clean. Bathtime presents an opportunity to bond with your little one, as well as being brilliant for their cognitive, physical and emotional development. Bathtime toys are so important when it comes to this daily ritual, and that’s why we’re super-excited to introduce you to the Matchstick Monkey Bathtime collection, perfect for making the most of tub time.

Introducing Matchstick Monkey’s Bathtime collection

The Matchstick Monkey Bathtime collection is about making bathtime playtime. Their fun new range of bath toys will inspire creativity, and encourage your little one to use their imagination, all while improving their fine motor skills. Turn the tub into a sensory playground, as wobblers spin and bob, rocks slide into bubbles and little boats sail through foamy tubs.

Here’s why we love Matchstick Monkey’s new collection, together with five reasons bathtime play is so important for little ones.

1. Multi-sensory experience

Bathtime play is a multi-sensory experience, making it a really simple way to encourage learning and exploration. The feeling of water and bubbles on their skin, the scent of their bubble bath, the sounds they can make when they splash about, and the bright fun bath toys they’ll enjoy playing with, all contribute to their learning and enjoyment.


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2. Language development

Bathtime offers a really special one-to-one experience for both parent and child, so it’s a no-brainer that it presents a prime time for nurturing language development. It’s also brilliant for introducing the concept of sequencing, by arranging toys in a certain order and doing the same thing over again.

Bathtime Wobblers – suitable from 12+ months (2 pack)

Babies and toddlers love experimenting with things that float, filling and emptying containers, and of course, playing with bubbles.

Fuel your little one’s sense of curiosity with Matchstick Monkey’s Bathtime Wobblers. They come in a pair and are ideal for little hands to grip. Your little explorer will love the vibrant contrasting colours and they’ll enjoy finding different ways to play with them.

We know that bath toys are used every day and can be prone to getting a little icky. Matchstick Monkey’s bath toys have been designed to resist mould and mildew, with everything in the range containing BioCote® Antibicrobial Protection so they’ll stay fresher for longer.

Bathtime Wobblers are made using BPA free silicone and ABS material.

3. Improving fine motor skills

The importance of bathtime play and the huge positive impact it has on fine motor skills can’t be underestimated. Playing with bathtime toys encourages hand-eye coordination and dexterity, as they flip, push, pull, lift and throw their toys around the tub.

Bathtime Slide Set – suitable from 12+ months

Matchstick Monkey’s Bathtime Slide Set is going to be an instant hit with all little ones, simply because it’s super-fun. It’s also ideal for encouraging the early development of hand-eye coordination.

The easy-to-grip rocks are placed at the top of the slide, only to splash down into a foamy mountain of bubbles. The slide attaches to the bath from one of three angles for different set-ups, so your toddler can mix things up.

Made using BPV free PVC & PP material, the slide set is available in white or blue, with three accompanying rocks.

4. Imaginative play

Bathtime is a great place for toddlers to start engaging in pretend or imaginative play.

Imaginary play that involves simple objects with no specific purpose allows little ones to think creatively, fostering their curiosity. That’s why we love this simple boat set.

Bathtime Boat Set – suitable from 12+ months

Matchstick Monkey’s Bathtime Boat Seat is specifically designed to inspire imaginative play and allow storytelling to flourish. Your child can conjure up endless adventure in the bubbly seas and the oceans that surround them.

Made from BPA-free silicone, PP & ABS material, the set includes one wobbler and a boat, in a choice of four bright colours.

5. Cognitive and emotional development

Matchstick Monkey’s Bathtime collection of toys will provide your baby with lots of opportunities for tactile play and learning. This in turn will encourage cognitive and emotional development. Concepts of volume – more and less, empty and full – and cause and effect – whether toys float or sink – will capture their full attention.

Bathtime is also a great opportunity to help a child improve their ability to express how they’re feeling and to learn the reasons why. You could ask questions while playing games, “How do the bubbles feel?” or ask them, “Is the water warm?” Establishing simple dialogue with your child from an early age will help so much in teaching them how to express themselves as they grow.

It might seem ambitious, but bathtime can also introduce little ones to very early maths, as they hear the sounds of numbers, with bath toy counting games being a major hit.

Bathtime Hair Rinser – suitable from newborn

Lastly, keep waterplay fun and avoid the bathtime tears with the Matchstick Monkey Bathtime Hair Rinser, designed to help prevent soapy water from running into their eyes. Made with a super-soft silicone lip to protect baby’s head, you can rinse with a gentle rainfall or free-flow pour.

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Float the boat, roll the rocks, then rinse and repeat. The new Matchstick Monkey Bathtime collection will make bathtime fun.

The Matchstick Monkey Bathtime collection retails from £9.99 upwards.

Main photo credit: @thedorsetmum


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