Planning on throwing a Halloween party this year? They are some of our favourites to put on but what is a party without food?! Here you can find some of our top spooky snacks, from healthy options to favourite sweet treats, keep scrolling to see our favourites!

1. Turn satsumas into mini pumpkins.

This is definitely the easiest of our snack choices but we love how cute they look! Whip out a black marker and get creative, adding a pumpkin face to each satsuma, making them each look like a miniature carved pumpkin. Alternatively, peel them all then add a piece of celery in the top.

2. Transform Oreos in to spiders.

This is a very effective snack option. Simply take the top off your Oreo, ensuring it doesn’t snap, place four black liquorice laces across the white centre (creating 8 legs!), then place the top back on! Next step use icing to add eyes to your spider, and there you have it, a pack of creepy Oreo spiders.

3. Gingerbread men become gingerbread skeletons

Get creative when icing your gingerbread men (freshly made or shop bought!), adding a skeleton rather than clothes to each, a top way to create a creepy snack.


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4. Cheesy broomsticks

This quick but very effective snack looks so brilliant and make a very fun savoury choice at a party filled with sweets and candy!

  • cheese sheets
  • pretzel sticks
  • chives you can create a host of broomsticks.

Slice each cheese square sheet in half, before ‘fringing’ one side, three-quarters of the way up each piece of cheese. Next wrap each slice of cheese around the end of a pretzel stick, before securing it with the chives!

5. Chocolate covered, strawberry ghosts!

These strawberry ghosts are more cute than creepy. Just dip each strawberry in melted white chocolate, and add a pair of edible goggly eyes to each!

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