Interviews / 12 October, 2023 / Leo Bamford

5 Things Lady Bamford Loves Right Now

I am so happy to have my mother-in-law featuring her favourite things this month, and I hope you enjoy reading what she’s loving right now! I’m certainly going to be eating sardines on sourdough for dinner tonight.



Crystals to Manifest

I’ve been fascinated by crystals and their ability to heal and affect our energy or mood for so long, so I’ve been really enjoying this new book by Emma Lucy Knowles, which explains how we can use crystals to help us achieve our goals or cast out the things that are no longer serving us.

I’ve had sessions with Emma Lucy and know how intuitively she works and how much we can learn from these ancient stones, and this knowledge is reflected in this enlightening book, which is authoritative yet always approachable.




Ortiz Sardines

For me nothing beats the simple joy of a supper of mashed sardines on toast – it’s what comfort food means to me – and I’ve recently discovered this brand of tinned sardines which are the most flavoursome I’ve tried.



Bamford Geranium Hand Balm

We’re all adjusting to the turning season at the moment and our skin can produce some of the most visible physical signs of this transition. My hands can get very dry at this time of year, so I layer on this balm, which is rich and soothing and calms any irritation.


Beehive Yellow Tablecloth, Daylesford

This bright cowslip yellow print of this tablecloth feels like a welcome ray of sunshine at the moment so I’ve been loving dressing my tables at home with this linen from Daylesford. The piece feels particularly special, produced by Gitto, one of the most experienced block print designers in Jaipur with whom I’ve been fortunate to have collaborating with for many years. The instricate beehive pattern – which is inspired by our hives and the wildlife on the farm – is hand-carved into wooden blocks which are then used to print the design onto the linens.


Jane Birkin’s album ‘Di Doo Dah’

Jane Birkin was such an inspiration to me; an elegant, beautiful soul who was taken from us too soon. In her memory I’ve been immersing myself in her music and lyrics. This was her first solo album and is a rich and textured showpiece of her inimitable talent and grace.

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