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5 Things Steph Douglas Loves Right Now

Meet the incredible Steph Douglas, the creative force behind “Don’t Buy Her Flowers.” Steph is not your typical gift-giver. She believes in meaningful and thoughtful gestures that truly resonate with the recipient. Her passion for redefining gift-giving has made her a game-changer in the world of thoughtful presents. Today, we dive into Steph’s world to discover the five things she’s absolutely loving right now. Get ready for a dose of inspiration and delightful recommendations from the founder of a brand that’s all about showing love in the most thoughtful ways.

You can also catch up with everything that’s going on in Steph’s world in our recent podcast episode, Girl Talk With Steph Douglas: Family, Career, And The Perimenopause.

5 Things Steph Douglas Loves Right Now



Revitalash Advanced Serum

Revitalash Advanced serum has been amazing for my eyelashes. I’ve never had them like this, and it makes such a difference to my tired face! It’s pricey, but I bought the two-month one, and it’s lasted for way longer. When I went on holiday, I’d normally get lash extensions, but with Revitalash Advanced Serum, I didn’t need to.


Yellowstone TV show

I did not know that a 68-year-old Kevin Costner as a cowboy would be hot, but there you go. And the family drama fills a Succession-shaped gap.



The addiction is real. I have found some amazing bargains – Isabel Marant boots for £70 – as well as sports label clothes for the kids that I loathe paying full price for. Bargains, and you can feel good about it.


Overnight Oats

Yes, this is a smug one, but it does mean I get some good stuff in the morning, and I do start the day feeling pleased with myself for making them the night before. It definitely sounds fancier than it is and only takes minutes, but we’ve also just started selling MamaNourish overnight oats in DBHF packages, and it means all you have to do is add milk, so an absolute winner.


My Mum, Your Dad

My Mum, Your Dad, dubbed Love Island for middle-aged people. I’m hooked – the people in it are generally in their 50s, and they’ve lived, loved, lost, and struggled – it’s so much richer than Love Island, and I’m really interested to see how it does.

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