Throwing a Christmas party can be daunting. Expectations are high and the organisation required may seem challenging, but with some clear plans and a few fab game ideas under your belt, it’s a piece of cake. Here are some tips for making that special day one to remember.

  1. Activities are an absolute must, and Secret Santa is perfect for any Christmas party. Simply put the names of the participating friends into a hat, then allow everyone to pull out one name each. This name must be kept a secret and you will give a present to this secret person on the big day, when everyone will discover the identity of their Secret Santa. Before giving your present, you must mime the person who will be receiving it, while others guess who you are impersonating!
  1. Put on a festive performance. Kids can let their imaginations run wild choreographing Christmas routines, singing carols, reciting poems, acting out famous Christmas scenes or anything else that springs to mind.
  1. Help Santa work out who has been naughty or nice this year! Each child must share three naughty and three nice things that they have done this year. The kids can gather round in a circle and share their secrets from the year together, letting Father Christmas know that the good certainly outweighs the bad this year!
  1. Pass the (Christmas) parcel. Make a playlist in advance to save you from unnecessary stress on the day and make sure that you pick songs that complement your festive theme! After all, what is Pass the Parcel without music? The kids pass the present round in a circle, and when you stop the music, the person with the present gets to unwrap one layer to find their Christmas treat hidden in the wrapping paper! Make sure that each layer uses a different type of wrapping paper, and holds a different gift each time. When all of the layers have been unwrapped, the final gift should be something that everyone can enjoy, for example, a box of Christmas chocolates.
  1. Bake some festive gingerbread. Pick a simple recipe that the kids can follow and why not combine this with some DIY? Decorate party bags too, so that the kids can take these goodies home. Kids can let their creativity do the talking, while their treats turn golden in the oven.

And that’s really all there is to it! Above all, keep it simple; a party is not the time for stress! With a clear Christmas theme, and therefore a clear idea of colours, patterns, activities, food and decorations, the big day will be a walk in the park.

For more party ideas check out the My Little Day website

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