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6 Ways To Beat Sleepless Nights During Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park. If you’re suffering from pregnancy insomnia while you’re expecting, you’ll already know this. You and 78% of mums-to-be suffer from pregnancy insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation. You’re not alone, but that doesn’t make things any easier. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to get a better night’s kip.

Removing stress factors

Recognise things that are stressing you out or making you feel anxious. Open up to someone you trust. If it’s something related to your pregnancy, don’t hesitate to discuss your anxieties with your health professional.

Keep a pen and paper next to your bed and write down any worries that are causing you to lie in bed wide-awake. In the morning, read over your notes and address your concerns where possible.

Learning how to truly relax

Take a long and soothing bath. The idea behind this is that a warm bath reduces blood flow to the brain and helps you to feel relaxed and sleepy. Make sure the water isn’t too hot, as this will increase your temperature too much. When you get out of the bath your temperature will immediately drop, which also induces drowsiness.

Learn the scents that help to relax you. Lavender, mint and chamomile are all proven to have stress reducing, relaxation qualities. Investing in soothing products can work wonders. Mama Mio offer a fantastic Sleep Easy Kit for expectant mums, which contains all the tools you’ll need to rest easy.

Visualise relaxing scenes. It may feel silly at first, but experts are confident it works. Having a picture of a scene such as a serene seascape or peaceful mountainside can help you fall asleep 20 minutes faster than counting sheep.

Knowing what to eat and what to avoid

It’s important to keep your blood-sugar level stable. Sugar highs and lows can result in sleep problems and affect mood. While you may crave carbs, ensure you’re not neglecting other food groups. Get plenty of protein to stabilise your blood sugar, as well as fruit and vegetables to keep you and baby well nourished.

Avoid spicy foods and heavy meals before going to sleep. Acidic or really hot foods can lead to heartburn or indigestion, which is only going to put off falling into the land of nod.

Snack before bedtime to ward off nausea. Trying to sleep when you’re feeling a little sick can be horrible. Snack on dry bland food like crackers to reduce nausea symptoms and always keep late night snacks light.

Drinking lots of fluids (but only at certain times)

Constantly needing to pee becomes a fact of life when you’re pregnant. The last thing you’ll want to do is drink more than you already do. Staying hydrated is beneficial to sleep, so we recommend drinking plenty of fluids during the day but reducing your intake in the evening.

Creating the right sleep environment

Having sex will release the oxytocin hormone that makes you happy and sleepy. If you’re not feeling in the mood for pregnancy sex, cuddling and any form of warm contact can help induce the same sleepy hormone.

Using an essential oil pillow spray is a great way to prep your sleep environment and help you feel relaxed and sleepy. Mint can reduce feelings of nausea and help remedy headaches, while lavender and chamomile have been used for hundreds of years to relieve stress. Mama Mio’s Sleep Easy Pillow Spray is a My Baba favourite.

Remember: it’s important after 20 weeks to sleep on your left side as this allows the best blood flow to the baby. Using special pregnancy pillows will help support your body and make you more comfortable.

Making a routine

Create a routine that works for you. Start with a warm bath and a soothing drink of hot milk or chamomile tea. Enjoy a massage from your partner (if you’re lucky!). Smooth a moisturising butter over your tummy, boobs, hips and thighs. This Sleep Easy Tummy Rub Butter helps to soothe any itchiness, protects against stretch marks and smells amazing.

If you have a relaxing ritual that you carry out each night and focus on the sleepy journey into snooze land, sleep during pregnancy will become much more enjoyable and not something you dread as the night draws in.

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