1. If you want to bring a bit of fun in to your next trip, you have to check out these fun Hug Mi Back Packs. They’re selling in South America at the moment and are on Kick Starter trying to drum up support. In essence they’re cuddly, soft back packs that not only hold your treasured but also also transfer you in to a fun character with a built in hat and arms to create wings. This is a really fun system and I hope they get their support.

2. I saw these guys at the the Babyccino Kids pop up event and thought how brilliant.  I don’t know many kids who don’t go mad for stickers and this is a Sticker Subscription site. What an awesome idea for a present. They also offer tester packs in case you want to check things out first.

3. I think most people will agree that this Ford Mustang Pedal Go-Kart is pretty cool! For ages 4-12, this go-kart is a dream. With slick pneumatic tyres, whatever that is, for easy manoeuvers it has adjustable seating and steering wheel to suit height.

4. TumTum is an award winning brand for good reason and I’ve always been a fan. They’ve pulled in two new characters, Scruff the dog and Bluebell the cat. Favourites in our family have to be the Super Stable Cup which I’m fond of ever morning when milk doesn’t slop on my bed!

5. The packaging caught my eye for this new product and I’m just about to try it on the kids. DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil for 6 months to 12 years, a single drop contains the same amount of DHA found in a tin of Sardines.

The taste is said to be lemony but can be easily added to food or drink to be disguised. Power to the brain power!

6. I saw Belle and Boo at a trade show recently and their stand made me smile. Such beautiful products with a lovely vintage, nostalgic feel. The latest to arrive is their bath products which my daughter loves and in particular the Bath Fizzer. Their site is always worth a look and it’s a wonderful source of information for birthdays.


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