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6 Genius Ways To Make Your Children Love Reading

The enjoyment a good book can bring is a huge joy for so many, however sometimes a little encouragement is needed to help children find it for themselves. In aiding a child to grow a passion for literature, you are unlocking a door to worlds far, far away from their own. As a result, the child’s imagination and empathy will grow, as well as their linguistic skills.

Charlotte Gater, Head of Curriculum at this Explore Learning, has given her top tips on how to encourage your child to love reading!

Read with enthusiasm

Reading in an energetic, committed fashion will help bring a story to life far more than when just dictating words from a page. This will make for a much more enjoyable experience for the child – which will in turn create an association between reading and fun for the child. If you find you are enjoying yourself, a drama club can help to bring out the performance aspect of reading.

Start ASAP

Children will reap the rewards of being read to, even when too young to read themselves. A bed time story is as good idea as any to introduce a child to books – and is a good habit to get into as the child grows.

Family reading

For slightly older children who are able to read independently – a designated ‘reading hour’, (or half an hour), where everybody in the house sits and reads together can be beneficial. A calm, relaxed period of time, away from technology, demonstrates your passion for reading. Afterwards, discuss your book and the characters in it. By showing your interest in your own book, you will encourage a similar interest for your child and their book.

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Any time is reading time

With the possible exception of meal times and during school – reading is always a good idea. At the park, in the car, at the beach, after school, in the evening or before bed – always encourage reading as a pass time.

Book clubs

Local kid’s book clubs are a popular way of encouraging children to pick up a book. The added social element is an incentive for kids to attend, once there kids can bounce their ideas off each other and encourage one another to read as a result.

Books as incentives

As a means of rewarding good behaviour, parents often use incentives. Using books as a reward will help the child associate a book as a good, rewarding gift to be appreciated, whilst feeling proud of having it.

These tips aim to be realistic and simple to implement. Kids should feel hugely proud of reading – they will benefit from it long in to their education.

For any help supporting your child to read contact us at www.explorelearning.co.uk.

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