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6 Jubilee Party Games For Kids (All You Need Is A Few Simple Props And Your Toniebox)

Get ready for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with these awesome Jubilee party games for kids. Easy and fun to create in any back garden or living room, all you need are a few simple props and your Toniebox.

Pin the crown on the Queen

You’ll need:

  • Large image of the Queen
  • Blindfold
  • Paper crown
  • Blu tak

You’ll need to print out a large photo of the Queen and find somewhere to prop her up. Stick some blu tak on a paper crown, take it in turns to blindfold each guest, and you’re all set for hours of fun as the pin the crown on the Queen!


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A dance-off fit for a Queen

You’ll need:

  • Pots & pans
  • Wooden spoons
  • Glow sticks – optional!

Turn on your Toniebox and get moving, it’s time for the family dance-off, a fantastic Jubilee party game for all the family, yes, adults included!

Clear a large open space for the dance floor. Divide into teams and select your props to rock out. Take it in turns to wow your family members, as you twirl, twist and shimmy around the room to your favourite musical Tonie.

Strut your stuff and get in the groove, using pots, pans and wooden spoons for added effects and break out some glow-sticks to get the party going.

Musical hide ‘n’ seek

You’ll need:

  • Blindfolds

 Give the classic game of Hide ‘n’ Seek a Tonies’ makeover with this fun musical twist, perfect for garden fun!

With the rest of the family blindfolded, take it in turns to pop on your favourite Tonie, and hide the Toniebox in a secret location. Once the Toniebox is safely hidden, the seekers must find it by listening to the story or song that’s playing.

Why not make things even more challenging by using a stopwatch to see who can find the Toniebox the fastest?

Musical thrones

You’ll need:

  • Chairs aka thrones!

Pop on your favourite musical Tonie and have each Jubilee guest walk around the perimeter of the throne circle. When the music stops, everyone must quickly take a seat on the nearest throne. The last person left standing is out. Remove another throne from the circle and continue until only one person is left!

Sleeping corgis

Choose one or two players to be the “soldiers” while the rest of the guests lie down on the grass as sleeping “corgis”. The soldiers will march around the garden in an attempt to encourage the corgis to move. The soldiers can’t touch the corgis, but they can distract them with jokes to make them laugh.

Whoever can stay quiet and still the longest, wins!

A Tonies treasure hunt

Calling all little explorers!

Hide your favourite Tonies around the house for your family to find, and use your Creative Tonie to record clues for your family to listen to.

Have multiple Creative Tonies? Then assign one clue to each Creative Tonie and hide them, so that once a Creative Tonie is found, they can play the clue to lead them to the next.

Your quest for treasure begins – happy hunting!

A Bear Called Paddington

Paddington Bear is one of the UK’s most beloved fictional characters and we’ve crowned him our Jubilee Tonie. Embedded in 64 years of London’s history, we think he’ll make the perfect guest at any kids’ Jubilee tea party.

A Bear Called Paddington is the first in a series of novels written by Michael Bond, and is narrated for Tonies by Stephen Fry.




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