I love Jane Clarke’s books especially Family Nutrition. It’s full of inspirations across the board on healthy living for the whole family. I loved Jane’s chapter on healthy snacking, something that’s easier said than done. These 6 snacks really are easy and not time consuming at all. I did the quick avocado dip without the chilli flakes for my daughter last week with some little Rude Health rice crisps and it looked like she licked the pot clean!

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Cut the tops off the tomatoes and scoop out the seeds. Add a piece of ripe avocado and fill with tabbouleh. Drizzle with extra virgin oil.

Celery with Goat’s Cheese

Trim and wash sticks of green celery. Spread soft goat’s cheese all along the groove in each stick, then cut into 2.5cm (1in) lengths.

Feta, Grapes, and Olives

Cut cubes of feta cheese and arrange in a dish with stoned olives and seedless grapes. Spear with cocktail sticks.

Cucumber with Nut Butter

Cut 1cm (½in) chunks of cucumber. Scoop out most of the seeds. Fill with nut butter (see p185) and sprinkle with a little cayenne pepper.

Wet Walnuts

Available for a short season around Christmas – simply shell and enjoy their creamy freshness. Or serve shelled, raw nuts of your choice with pieces of dried pear or some pieces of crisp apple.

Quick Avocado Dip

Mash a peeled, ripe avocado and flavour with lemon juice, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and chilli flakes. Serve spooned on oatcakes.

About The Author

FOUNDER of Nourish by Jane Clarke, BSc (Hons) SRD DSc

Jane is both a dietitian and Cordon Bleu chef with more than 30 years’ experience in the nutrition industry. Jane is the author of nine best-selling books, was a columnist for over a decade for The Daily Mail, Observer, The Times and The Mail on Sunday, and regularly contributes on TV. She worked with Jamie Oliver on several of his projects, including the School Meals revolution, which showed that people-power can bring about social change. It is with this same mindset and passion that she is leading Nourish by Jane Clarke, which provides a solution to the problem of undernourishment and provides empowerment and inspiration to those who are vulnerable or facing a health challenge. Jane was the first person in the UK to open a private dietetic clinic, establishing a highly successful specialist Nutrition and Dietetic practice in London that has been running for the past 27 years. She advises some of Britain’s leading sportspeople, entertainers and media professionals, and has been personal dietitian and nutritionist for David Beckham and Benedict Cumberbatch. She is particularly regarded for her work with those living with serious illnesses such as cancer, neurological degenerative conditions, dementia and stroke, supporting patients from early diagnosis right through to end of life care, across all ages, including paediatric cancers and early onset dementia. Jane has been awarded an honorary doctorate for her services to nourishing the vulnerable from the University of West London. As a qualified Dietician, Jane spearheads Nutrition and Dietetic practices in London and Leicester advising some of Britain's leading sportspeople and many of the world's biggest actors, music and media personalities, whilst also continuing to treat young children, teenagers and adults with health problems such as diabetes, IBS, dementia, depression. Jane runs a specialist cancer and dementia nutrition practice in Marylebone, where she treats patients referred by GPs, consultants, carers and relatives. Jane was David Beckham's Personal Dietician & Nutritionist during the 2006 World Cup, whilst also advising him and his team at his Football Training Academy. Her books include the best selling series “Jane Clarke's Bodyfoods”, Yummy! A Children's Nutritional Guide, Yummy Baby, Nourish and Complete Family Nutrition. She is also a regular contributor on British Television including all the major networks. She has written for The Daily Mail, Observer, London Times and The Mail on Sunday. She was the Nutritional Consultant working alongside Jamie Oliver, on his groundbreaking television series Jamie's School Dinners and Jamie's co-presenter on Eat to Save Your Life! "Jane Clarke is an exceptional nutritionist. She loves food and she's a great cook - what a tiger!" - Jamie Oliver

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