It can often be tricky to get back into the work saddle after having children, for some it can be impossible, and for others, confidence can play a real part. Louise from Beyond the School Run shares her thoughts on how parents can connect with their skills after having children. 

Since launching Beyond the School Run I have seen a great many parents choosing different & individual ways of combining work & family – recognising the fact that the conventional route of 9-5 (or usually longer) doesn’t fit with their hopes and dreams of working and raising children.  Clearly for those who don’t have ‘a village to raise a child’ or at least a small network of support, we do need to be there for our children but at Beyondtheschoolrun we believe caring for children does not stop your growth or opportunities.

I have also come realise that earning money, however little or great, is so important to us as people both female or male.  Yet how to do this when you have been through years of maternity, caring for babies & toddlers and then all within school hours can seem very daunting or almost impossible. I am here to say its not, it can be very exciting and step by step you can find that the two, family & work, can work well together.  Growing whilst your children grow – hand in hand.

So if you are starting to have a yearning to explore your talents, start earning a salary again or just beginning on your own personal journey of growth, we have a few initial suggestions:

1) Earning money is as much about recognising yourself and your worth again. We all have individual skills & talents, it may be a case of connecting with skills you already knew you had or un-locking new ones.  This is also a perfect opportunity to explore new opportunities.

2) Be kind to yourself.  You have worked so hard (it may not have been recognised through a wage!) but raising children can unlock strengths and skills we never knew we had in us.

3) Start opening up the conversation saying how you are keen to start earning again or working – its amazing how just saying this can start the process moving forward.

4) If your children are at school – the school gates can be a valuable resource for connections & knowledge.  When you don’t need to talk about the children steer the conversation to other parents jobs.  You’ll be amazed at how relieved they will be to engage on another level beyond your children & can provide valuable experience, advice & connections.

5) Volunteering can be a great way to take your first steps before you start paid work again.  Do not undervalue the impact – you will gain as much as you give.

6) Its not a race, pace yourself.  Each step you take be it a conversation, an email or registering on Linked in – will take you further on your journey. has been created to support all parents on their journey in un-locking or utilising their skills, in the hours available and for their greater well-being and the greater well-being of society.  Log on to the website for connections, opportunities and inspiration; register for our monthly newsletter and stay connected on a regular basis via our Facebook page and You-Tube channel.

Together we can make the greatest difference to our lives and the lives of others. We look forward to taking our steps together.

Louise Webster, founder of Beyond The School Run