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6 Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know About

We know iPhones are super smart and we couldn’t live without them everyday. They help with work-life, home-life and our social lives. But, there are still things we didn’t realise our iPhones can do. Here are six top iPhone hacks that we didn’t know about and wanted to share with you.

1. Take a look under the hood

Take a quick look at your keyboard settings and make sure they’re set up so you’re getting the most out of them.

Go to Settings, then click General. Scroll down and you’ll see Keyboard – tap that. Here, you can decide your settings for auto-correct, auto-capitalisation and smart punctuation.

PRO TIP: By switching on the “.” Shortcut option, each time you double-tap the spacebar, you’ll trigger a full-stop followed by a space.

2. Speed up your texting game

Delve into your text replacement settings. It appears it Keyboard settings. Add some quick-to-type abbreviations or words that can translate to full sentences.

For example, ‘omw’ could be your shortcut for ‘On my way!’ A good one to add here is your address. Add the first word or an abbreviation, then when you type it next time, it’ll appear automatically as a suggestion.

You can add emojis in here too. Add shortcuts for your favourite emojis.

3. Make texting one-handed easier

You can shift the keyboard to the left or right depending on which hand you’re texting with. The keyboard will become smaller and squashed together to make one-handed texting easier. This is really useful on larger iPhone models.

You can also set this up in Settings > General > Keyboard, then select the One-Handed Keyboard option.

4. Go bold

You can make your text bold, underlined and italic on iPhone. This should work in many iPhone apps, such as Notes and Apple Mail, and some third-party apps such as WhatsApp.

Select the text you would like to embolden and tap it. The options will appear in the screenshot below. Press ‘BUI’ and it will give you the option of the font style you would like to use.

5. Use your keyboard’s trackpad

We spend so much time editing our Instagram posts and emails on our phones. This is such a great hack for speeding up the process.

Apple has a 3D Touch-Tech pad, so if you put pressure on anywhere on the keypad, it’ll go blank like a touchpad. You can then move about on over your text to quickly select different parts.

6. Shake to undo mistakes

This is always the one I forget about. Shake your iPhone to undo what you just typed.

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