I haven’t tried these but if you need a pouch in your bag for on the run days, these look pretty scrummy! Goodness Gracious Bio Food pouches are 100% organic, gluten and dairy free, the new Mango, Coconut Milk and Brown Rice sounds yummy!


I made these Sweetpea Pantry’s Chocolate Giggles with the kids last weekend, and they went down a storm. These chocolate biscuits contain whole-grain rye, barley, flaxseed and raw cacao, and the pack makes around 30 delicious biscuits.


These nutritious Freida’s Feeding Food bars by have been designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers. The bars are rich in  Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are good fats for both mother and baby. Great for busy mums on the run!


We tried and tested some of Frozen Baby Food’s Kiddie Cubes – they’re made with organic and wholesome ingredients suitable for babies aged from four months upwards. There are 14 dishes that are cooked and immediately frozen into little cubes. The delicious little cubes of food can be defrosted very quickly in the microwave or on the hob on a low heat. These guys have taken the fuss out of cooking, perfect for busy families.


This is such a great idea! The Smoothpack Station available at Cuckooland is a super easy and economical way to provide your toddler with a healthy diet. All you have to do is fill the station with your ingredients, and once the smoothie is ready or the food pureed, you simply connect the squeeze packs to the four nozzles, and twist the plunger to fill the sachets. Done!

Smoothpack-Station-HR-Cutotut-Cuckooland (5)
The Primal Pantry’s Hazelnut and Cacao Bar is the latest bar in the range. Their healthy on-the-go snacks are free of grains, added sugars and vegetable oils, so they’re great to have in your handbag for when you or your little ones get hungry on the run.


I’m a huge fan of Rebel Kitchen, and I am in love with their new packaging. Their fun and awesome looking products contain simple ingredients with no additives or preservatives.



Main photo credit: Phillip Hotson Photography