I know the holidays are still quite a way off, but I’m getting quite excited about the prospect of a holiday, and that’s why most of the items in this post revolve around going away. There are a couple of cool ideas on car seats, one for a large family, for when you need to fit four to a row, and a new compact travel car seat just launched which looks super-portable. There’s the latest Samsonite for parents who need a carry-on that’s a light as can be, my favourite wicker basket by Rae Feather that can be personalised and a few backpacks including Pink Lining’s latest Mini Me rucksack which is part of a mother and daughter series – super cute! 

Pink Lining’s Mini Me Rucksack Navy with Cream Bows

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.47.30

Rae Feather’s Monogram Small Basket


Aurora Living Backpack for Kids

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.45.05

Samsonite Lite-Locked Suitcase




Multimac 4-Children Car Seat 


Mifold The Grab and Go Booster Seat (available for pre-order later this month)



Aldi’s Four Person Picnic Bag, (available from 25th June while stocks last)


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