With the lack of time being a busy mum brings, it can be difficult to stay on top of your health and fitness, yet alone try and find time to go to the gym. Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of the 7 pieces of home-workout equipment that don’t cost much, don’t take up much space and provide a variety of good workouts to improve your fitness in the comfort of your bedroom or living room.

1. Skipping Rope

If you’re going to get a skipping rope, you should spend a few pounds and get a good one. These are great for increasing your heart rate to burn fat, teaching you coordination and skill; tone up your legs and for improving ankle and calf strength.

skipping rope

2. Resistance Band

This cheap and simple exercise tool will help you tone your upper and lower body, as well as improve your flexibility. It’s also great for modifying familiar exercises and you can easily combine it with other exercise equipment. Simply let these replace your dumbells.



3. Kettlebell

Kettlebell swings offer a better cardio workout than any treadmill. Do 3 sets of 15 then slump back in your chair. A great way to get stronger and burn fat quickly at home.


4. Step Up

Great for leg strength and easy cardio. Add some dumbells or any kind of weight and do simple step ups to make it harder.



5. Swiss Ball

This balance ball is super-strong and suitable for all ages. Particularly good for cardio and strength workouts, it can help you develop great muscle tone, as well as core stability, posture, balance and flexibility.


6. Push-Up Pro

Great addition to doing press ups at home to work more muscles and take the strain from your wrists.

Pushup Pro

7. Yoga Mat

It’s vital to have a good yoga mat where you can cool down and stretch at the end of your workout so you don’t injure your back.


By Dale Bell 

Dale Bell Is the UK’s leading personal trainer to mums. He helps mums drop weight, boost energy levels & relieve stress without starving themselves or spending hours in the gym.