After our Rude Health #EatRightKids breakfast at Petersham Nurseries last week, the panel have come up with seven top tips to get your child to eat right, a few ways that families can eat with greater awareness and engage children in food and agriculture.

Encourage better food in schools. Visit the School Food Matters website to find evidence of why school food matters, and great examples of best practice and fun ideas to get children cooking, growing and out onto a farm. Quince Organic is a fantastic example of converting these ideas into a commercially viable reality.

Engage with like-minded parents. Mother’s Meeting is just one example of the many fantastic communities aimed at empowering parents, and making the everyday slog of parenthood that little bit more fun, together.

Understand the importance of biodiversity. Visit Tablehurst Farm, a biodynamic community farm that aims to provide possibilities for people to understand farming and food production better and to re-connect to the land and their food.

Start a family garden. Start growing a mini garden on the windowsill. When kids get involved in the process of planting, watering, harvesting, and preparing food with the herbs they grow, they’ll feel more connected and stimulated by food. Visit the Edible School Garden for inspiration.

Watch educational programmes. Jenny Scott from Mother’s Meeting claims that showing her child a YouTube video about what sugar really does to your teeth, has put him off for life.

Include kids in meal making. Family trips to the farmer’s market will provide a learning experience outside of the home and schools. Create your shopping lists together and enable them to interact with fruits and vegetables, work out how many you need for a meal, identify colours, and touch and feel the food.

Establish family meal times. Sharing meals as a family cultivates better communication skills and a stronger sense of belonging. Food is for sharing.