It’s been such a whirlwind year here at My Baba, and lots of people have been asking about the progress of my multivitamin and multibiotics powder. It’s that time of year when bugs are at their worst and the last week of school is always filled with sniffles and colds. I’ve written this post to explain why I launched a children’s vitamin, and to answer the questions that many people have been asking about the age range of the powder. 

When my son was really small he was on antibiotics for an ear infection. It was such a worry to me and I stressed about what I should be giving him to help boost his immune system. I knew that I wanted a probiotic to help support his tiny gut, but I was worried about which brand to give him. Later, I wanted to give both my children a multivitamin but again I was confused by how many were on the market. I tried them all and found that my children loved the gummies most of all but they were the ones I liked giving them least as they were covered in sugar and more like a sweet.

I called my friend Zita who has a range of brilliant supplements for pregnancy which I took before, during and after both my pregnancies.  I asked her which brand to use and she said she would do some research, and come back to me. When she did, she said that we should create our own. She’s always talking about the importance of gut health in children and adults alike and we decided to join forces to create a product that I wanted to give my children and one we could be proud of.

Should children take supplements?

That’s the big question. I’m not an expert in this field, but I am a mother and when it comes to your children you want to do what’s best to keep them well. What I do know is that I feel better giving them an extra helping hand when it comes to the essential vitamins going in to their body. We eat very healthily as a family and luckily for me, my children seem to like weird and wonderful fruits and vegetables but I still give them a teaspoon of multibiotics every morning in a smoothie, milk or in a little heap for them to dip a banana in to.

Zita and I started this journey looking for a product to support a healthy gut and we found that the age most in need were 1-4 year olds. People often ask me if their older children can take our vitamins and after speaking to the formulation experts, it can be taken up to the age of 12. Having said that I too join the children in our morning ritual.

On the subject of what’s next? We’re looking in to wholesale next year and hoping to expand the range in the not too distant future.

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