Until you have a baby, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need a swaddle — let alone two dozen. In fact, they’re a newborn essential. Here are eight reasons to you’ll need swaddles, and why we’re got a soft spot for the Matchstick Monkey range.


Being swaddled, all cosy and wrapped up, tops our list of reasons. It makes baby feel safe and secure and is often compared to the feeling of being back in the womb.


Swaddles come in handy when you’re nursing: they create a private and warm space for baby to feed.


Once you’ve finished nursing, flip the swaddle onto your shoulder ready for wind your baby. The Matchstick Monkey swaddle has a teething label which acts as weighted down tag – great for keeping the swaddle in place.

Covering your pram

Swaddles are lightweight which makes them ideal for throwing over your pram to block the sun’s rays or create a calm and stimulation-free environment for baby to rest. MM’s swaddles are made from breathable organic cotton too!


Swaddles make great security blankets for young children to clutch onto and carry around. The teething tag provides tactile stimulation, a different texture to the soft cosy blanket.


The BPA silicone tag is perfect for chewing and teething. We all know babies like to put everything in their mouths!

Makeshift bibs

Bibs are definitely one of those things you’ll stock up on, but a swaddle can make a great makeshift bib too. They’re ideal if you’re looking to free up space in your changing bag or have forgotten to pack a bib for a restaurant trip.

A blanket for tummy time

Swaddles are perfect to set down whenever and wherever for a tummy time session to help your little one develop their muscles. They’re great blankets for snooze time too.

Speaking of blankets.. Matchstick Monkey offer some beautiful 100% organic bamboo blankets, click here to find out more.

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