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The Ultimate Baby Surveillance: 8 Reasons You Need The Next Generation Nanit Pro

There are many important decisions to be made when you’re expecting, and choosing a baby monitor is one of them. Here are eight reasons you should consider investing in the next generation Nanit Pro complete baby monitoring system for your new arrival.

Stay connected and informed

Nanit’s mission is to empower parents by providing personalised insights and guidance on their baby’s sleep and well-being. Since launching in 2016, Nanit has tracked over 211 million hours of sleep, 42 million parental visits, and over 21 million morning wakeups. Pretty impressive, right?

A complete approach to baby monitoring

The next generation Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System has been designed to give your baby the best start in life, and you, some much-needed peace of mind. Nanit helps parents see and understand everything happening in and around the crib. The system includes the Nanit Pro camera, wall mount or floor stand, multi-stand for on-the-go, a small and large Breathing Wear band, and a small swaddle.

A crystal clear view of your baby

The AI-powered Nanit HD camera offers crystal clear day and night vision, with a bird’s eye view over baby, so you can see everything in real-time. The camera boasts a 1080 P HD colour video and digital zoom, with a wide-angle lens to pick up all the action within the cot and the area just outside. You can also position the Nanit camera looking towards the crib from across the room using the Multi Stand, depending on your preference.

Superior audio and sound

The Nanit Pro’s improved internal speaker delivers higher quality sound and audio, including the monitor’s two-way talk, white noise and nature sounds, background audio and real-time sound notifications. Never underestimate the power of white noise! Babies love it, and it helps soothe them to sleep with minimum fuss.

Monitor baby’s breathing motion

All Nanit Pro cameras now include a small Breathing Band (0-3M) to track baby’s breathing motion in real-time, so you can understand what’s happening when it comes to your baby’s routine and sleeping habits. What’s more, it’s really simple to use, and not at all restrictive to wear.

Once on, all you have to do is press the ‘lungs’ icon in the app and watch the bottom of the screen pulse green – simulating inhalation and exhalation. The camera tracks the patterns on the sleepwear (without using any electronics) and hey presto, by doing so, monitors your baby’s every single breath. If anything’s amiss, you’ll be sent a swift alert via the app to your phone, so you can take action where necessary.

Enhanced connectivity and security

With enhanced connectivity and security thanks to an upgraded chipset for faster processing, as well as added security and on-board storage, the Nanit Pro has made huge strides in terms of baby monitor tech. What we love about the next generation Nanit Pro is that it won’t fail when your Wi-Fi does. If your internet happens to go down, you can rest assured you will still be connected to your monitor. In fact, it’s so easy to stay connected with Nanit, you can see your baby or receive a sleep update by simply asking Alexa!

One year free subscription to Nanit Insights app

All purchases of the Nanit Pro camera include a free 1-year subscription to the nifty Nanit Insights app. This app offers personalised sleep guidance so you can really get to grips with what’s happening in terms of their routine and sleep quality.

In-app Memories feature

The Nanit Insights app also includes a wonderful Memories feature to capture and share your little one’s precious moments. Brilliant moments you’ll love looking back on, as parenting can pass by in a bit of a haze in those early days!

Shop the next generation Nanit Pro

The Nanit Pro smart baby monitor starts at £299 and includes a Nanit Pro camera, wall mount with cable management system, and a small Breathing Band. To purchase a Nanit Pro camera or learn more about Nanit’s smart baby products, visit


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