On Monday 7th October, Comic Genius and EPT President Jo Brand will host a night of fun and laughter at the world famous Comedy Store in London, with a group of her friends and fellow comedians.  She hasn’t announced this year’s team yet but last year’s was celebrities Jenny Éclair (Grumpy Old Women, I’m a Celebrity etc), Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf), Angie McEvoy (regular on BBC Radio, on Richard & Judy’s couch and various comedy channels), Sol Bernstein (comic character creation of Steve Jameson), Shazia Mirza (The Wright Stuff), and Frank Sanazi (from the hilarious politically incorrect Iraq Pack).  We’re sure this year’s lineup will be equally dazzling and a joy to watch.  Tickets to this can be purchased directly from the Comedy Store website and are £30 for standard tickets or £50 for VIP tickets which include a pre-show champagne and canapé reception and reserved, VIP area, seating.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust is a small but hard working charity that relies mainly on volunteers.  It was founded with the aim of raising awareness about the condition and supporting people through a physically and emotionally traumatic experience that threatens the lives of one in 80 women, is still the leading cause of death in early pregnancy and, more often than not, damages a womans’ fertility.  It supplies hospitals with relevant information to hand to patients, receives 1.2 million website hits per year, facilitates over 16,000 support forum topics, responds to over 4000 emails and has a helpline that receives 3000 phone calls a year.  It also represents the patients’ voice, sitting on such panels as the government’s NICE guideline for pain and bleeding in early pregnancy.